How Does It Work?

We Can Draw This  drawing kits provide everything you need to create beautiful drawings, even if you have no previous drawing experience. They are designed for Ages: 9 - Adult. Step-by-step, easy to follow photos guide you along gradually and enable you to simply “draw what you see”. No abstract and lengthy written instructions. We can draw this isn’t a “How To” its a “Just Do“ method. Read further to find out what that means.

Our drawing guides are printed on quality drawing paper with practice inserts. You can practice your drawing technique by drawing directly on the guides before you draw on your own masterpiece.

The secret is in the sequence! Every step in the sequence is divided into small, easy to draw parts. You see it in the photo guide and then you draw it on the paper with a watermarked outline of the art subject you have chosen. We provide that with your drawing guide. It's printed on quality, acid free drawing paper so when your done, you can frame your masterpiece and enjoy it for years to come.

You will learn to draw our tested artwork. Our artwork is carefully designed to look amazing but also it is designed to be reduced into small incremental drawing steps that are easy to do. Everyone who has tried this tested artwork, has been amazed at how effortlessly their drawing skills improve. Once they have been guided through a drawing technique, they remember how they did it the next time they draw. Gradually they learn multiple drawing techniques simply by doing them in each of the We Can Draw This subjects! These art subjects designed by Dr. Louis Schulz. They often communicate encouraging and uplifting messages. You can read about his artistic meaning in the product descriptions.

Our artwork is arranged into difficulty levels 1 through 5. Level 1 provides the most help for the beginner. There are more details in the watermarked outline of level 1 and the techniques required to draw this artwork are easier to accomplish. It’s all been thought through carefully and thoroughly tested with real people who have no previous drawing experience. We wanted to make sure that you would succeed.

The higher the difficulty level the less detail that is provided in the watermarked outline until using it becomes optional. Gradually more techniques are introduced in each art subject. These difficulty levels have all been tested with real people who begin with level 1 and advance through the levels. Months of painstaking testing to determine which techniques and artwork that are not easily achievable and what additional help may be needed. Our commitment is to empower your success. Our goal is to help you gradually transition from beginner to intermediate drawing skill capabilities.

The truth is We Can Draw This empowers anyone to succeed, even those with no previous drawing experience. It’s a relaxing, enjoyable, easy and gratifying experience. It’s also fun to do!